Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Marti Jones - Unsophisticated Time (1985)

If you happened to be listening to college radio during the summer of 1985, you'd have heard Marti Jones. Specifically, you'd have heard cuts from her debut album, Unsophisticated Time, a melodic melange of new wave, roots music, and would-be commercial pop.

I say "would-be" because Jones never really caught on with the general public and faded from sight after making a few more records. She had first come on the scene with her group Color Me Gone, and had made some noise on college radio and since her solo albums were better than that group's one release (an EP in 1984), you'd have figured she'd be a runaway success soon after. But that didn't quite happen. Details about Jones' career and life can be found elsewhere. I don't like to repeat things here that are general knowledge or can be found with two mouse clicks.

Anyway, despite its popularity at the time, Unsophisticated Time has never been released on CD. This has caused a lot of consternation among pop music fans. Some have complained. Some have cried. One even threatened to throw himself out a window.

OK, I might be making that last one up. Anyway, even if I am it doesn't matter because word is he lived in a first-floor apartment.

Still, the fact is that someone needed to step up and solve this problem of the ages, so I took it upon myself to create a super-clean rip of this album. It ain't a CD, but it is a 320/48 rip from mint vinyl I procured a while back at the Princeton Record Exchange. The price? $1. I picked it up in summer '99, during the days when no one else seemed to want anything vinyl-related. Hopefully, this will still sound as good to y'all as it does to me.

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Track list:
1. Lonely Is (As Lonely Does)
2. If I Could Walk Away
3. Show and Tell
4. Rhythm of Shallow Breathing
5. Follow You All Over the World
6. Neverland
7. Hiding the Boy
8. Talk to Me
9. The Element Within Her
10. (untitled)
11. What Is Real
12. We'll All Be Gone



  2. Great music, and a nice combo with Marshall. Thanks so much,


  3. This recording was released on CD in the 80s, but it hasn't been in print in that form since. You can still find copies of the CD on Amazon, eBay, etc. usually priced above $50.00. (I believe it was only released on CD in Germany, but it is available.) Great record. Sadly underappreciated.