Monday, February 22, 2016

Humble Pie - The Scrubbers Sessions (1997)

Recorded in late 1974 and early 1975, The Scrubbers Sessions is something of a "great lost Humble Pie" album, but with one caveat. It's not really so great.

The twenty songs show the UK hard rock group at their end of their tether, to repeat a phrase band leader Steve Marriott once used in an interview when describing this period of the group's history. These recordings were made by Tim Hinkley, a keyboardist who was something of an additional member of the band for the period in between the release of their albums Thunderbox and Street Rats.

While this now out-of-print CD doesn't measure up to either of those albums (especially Street Rats, which is pretty underrated), it does provide a crucial service, by serving up some classic Steve Marriott vocals. There was no other voice like Marriott's and it's always enjoyable to hear him in his prime (or near his prime), even if the songs he's singing aren't up to the level of "Hot 'n' Nasty," "Natural Born Bugie," or "Beckton Dumps" (a personal Pie favorite).

Track list:
1. The Shake
2. I Need a Star in My Life
3. Lend Us a Quid    
4. Send Me Some Lovin'
5. She Moves Me Man    
6. Street Rat
7. Captain Goatcabin's Balancing Stallions
8. High and Happy
9. Be My Baby
10. It's All Over
11. Bluegrass Interval  
12. Don't Take But a Few Minutes
13. Louisiana Blues
14. You're a Heartbreaker
15. Mona
16. Cocaine    
17. I'll Find You    
18. Lord Let Me Hold Out
19. Hambone
20. Signed Sealed