Friday, April 15, 2016

The Kids from C.A.P.E.R. - The Kids from C.A.P.E.R. (1976)

"The Kids From C.A.P.E.R." was a Saturday morning comedy TV series that was geared -- not surprisingly -- toward kids. It ran from Sept. 11, 1976 to Nov. 20, 1976, then resumed from April 9, 1977, to Sept. 3, 1977. The show loosely parodied the "teen crimefighter" concept that was then popular, with each of the lead characters a sort of hero. C.A.P.E.R. stands for Civilian Authority For The Protection Of Everybody Regardless.

As with "The Monkees," at least one song was featured in each episode. An album also came out featuring eleven of those songs. This is the album. It's a nice collection of '70s-oriented pop rock that's never been put out on CD.

There's actually a pretty big Web site devoted solely to this show that covers all the bases, so there's no point in me going on more about it here. But I will do some explaining about this rip.

First off, if you've listened to these songs on the Web, you've probably heard them at the incorrect speed. For some reason, the versions other people ripped from vinyl play slightly too fast. This rip is at the correct speed. I also ripped it from super-clean vinyl, so it's got no pops or ticks.

Secondly, if you happened to download a rip of this LP from another blog in the past year, that was my rip. Before I had my own blog, I'd post my stuff in comment sections of blogs like Twilight Zone. But even if you got this previously, you should grab it again because this time around I included tag info and high-quality cover and label scans.

Close listening will reveal that tracks #6 and #8 are in mono. This is the way it was on the original album, not an error with the rip or the MP3 files. Why were they mixing in mono in 1976? I assume because these songs were mixed first and foremost for television, and TV was mono back in the '70s. They probably just put the best mixes on disc, and two of 'em happened to be mono.

The opening number was the single. It didn't chart. The second song in, "Tit For Tat," was penned by pop songsmiths Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield and is arguably the best cut on here. Sedaka was probably involved because his old Brill Building pal Don Kirshner served as executive producer and brought him into the fold. Kirshner definitely knew a catchy tune when he heard one. 

Track list:
1. When It Hit Me (The Hurricane Song)
2. Tit For Tat
3. I Wanna Love You
4. Fun In The Jungle
5. Say It
6. Like A Hero In The Movies
7. Rockets And Stars
8. Lullabye Girl
9. Everybody Loves Her
10. Ridin' A Rainbow
11. Wrap Up All My Dreams



  2. Pretty cool! I remember this. Thanks

  3. I remember the tv show, but never saw the album...until now. Thanks for posting!!!!!

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  5. Just wish that "You're Under My Spell" and "Baby Blue" existed as "clean" copies somewhere!

  6. Just wish that "You're Under My Spell" and "Baby Blue" existed as "clean" copies somewhere!