Monday, June 13, 2016

Ms. Adventures - Ms. Adventures (1990)

Unlike almost every post I've even done, you can find this one online if you really look. But can you find it @320 with high-quality scans? No you can't. So here it is.

Ms. Adventures was a vert short-lived teenage dance pop vocal group made up of three sisters from Texas: Charity, Kindra, and Amy Morriss (left to right in the above photo). They were signed to the Atco label, where they made one album that was overseen by a variety of producers and songwriters who were hot back then. The biggest names include Arthur Baker (Hall & Oates, New Order) and Eliott Wolff (who wrote Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" and "Cold Hearted").

On top of all that, the sisters could definitely sing and one of them, Amy, co-wrote three songs here (Kindra also gets credit on one). Unfortunately, their success was limited, which is a shame because the sound of this record was pretty good. The scored a minor hit with "Undeniable," which was written and produced by the aforementioned Baker along with Lotti Golden (credited as "Lottie"), a cult '60s artist-turned-hip hop pioneer.

You think this combo would have been a recipe for success, but "Undeniable" only got to #73 nationally, making its chart debut Sept. 1, 1990 and staying on the chart for nine weeks. Maybe the song was a bit too generic-sounding to get any bigger, but it did get under your skin once you heard it.

I personally think the more upbeat and sassy "If the Shoe Fits" or "Mr. Heartbreak" would have been better choices for singles, but I've had over two decades to come up with that idea. I guess back then they chose whatever the marketing people and/or producers preferred. The ballad "As Long As I'm With You" was also released as a single but -- from what I can tell -- only came out as a promo CD single.

Early '90 teen pop is not for everyone and most of you already know if you like this album or not. It's filled with sunny-day, fresh-faced, 1990s-teen tunes in the vein of early Debbie Gibson, the Cover Girls, and Sweet Sensation. As my previous posts show, I have a thing for this music and this era. I consider it the calm before the alternative rock storm blew in -- sort of the '90s equivalent to the pre-Beatles 1960s. Not all of it is great, but if you like the vibe of it, there are definitely a lot of lost gems to be rediscovered.

Early '90s teen pop blowout!!
Alisha - Bounce Back (1990)
Hi-Five - Hi-Five (1990) 
Homework - Homework (1990)
The Party - In the Meantime, In Between Time (1991)
Rick Wes - North, South, East, Wes (1990)
The Superiors - Perfect Timing (1990) 

Track list:
1. Undeniable
2. If the Shoe Fits
3. Everybody Else's Lover
4. As Long As I'm With You
5. Games
6. Heat of the Night
7. Mr. Heartbreak
8. Heaven
9. Don't Lead Me On
10. All Dressed Up


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  2. "Undeniable" was a great song and should have gone to the top of the charts. You are correct to like it!sometimes the record companies blow it

    1. Yeah -- just the fact that I still remember it so clearly all these years later shows how catchy it was. Glad people are diggin' this.

  3. It's a pity about the name, do ALL of them have Multiple Sclerosis?

    1. No, they have Masters of Science degrees in Adventures Studies.

  4. No - it means they're lezzers!

  5. "Uneniable" was a top tier pop song, with hit writers and producers behind it like Arthur Baker and Lotti Golden. But not all great songs are hits sadly, for a variety of reasons. It is the music "business" after all.