Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Grateful Dead - Days Between: The Final Album That Never Was (1992-95)

This Tuesday, Aug. 9 marks the twenty-first anniversary of the death of Jerry Garcia, the lead guitarist, chief songwriter, and creative force behind the Grateful Dead. For the occasion, I'm posting a genuine rarity.

This is the actual "mock album" that the author of the book "Grateful Dead FAQ" proposed in Chapter 35. The chapter is titled "Days Between: The Final Dead Album That Never Was," so that's what this album is called.

In that book, the author explains how he'd been listening to 1990s-era set lists when it struck him that the band had debuted enough new songs during that time period to fill an album. The last studio album, Built To Last, had come out in 1989, but what if there had been one more? With that in mind, the author came up with the concept of piecing together a new final Dead album using these songs. And it's not bad.

Garcia's creativity was said to have dried up by this point, but the quality of some of these songs shows that claim isn't true. In fact, several of the songs, like "Days Between" and "Lazy River Road" are better than the songs he'd contributed to Built To Last.

The chapter goes into detail about each song and also explains why the Dead didn't have it in them to successfully execute them in the studio. There's no point in me just repeating what's in this chapter, especially when can get the book on sale very cheaply (go here).

"Grateful Dead FAQ," by the way, isn't another "band bio," but a gigantic reference book filled with a lot of new insights and original ideas. It has the only full-length book chapters on lesser-known members Pigpen, Tom Constanten, and Donna Jean Godchaux, and offers the only long-form, comprehensive analysis of the band's recorded oeuvre. The ideas for other Dead rarities on this blog came from this book -- specifically the chapter on why there are two Aoxomoxoas. And the chapter about how a small town reacted when Deadheads "invaded" is a scream.

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Track list:
1. Liberty
2. So Many Roads
3. Corinna
4. Days Between
5. Eternity
6. Childhood's End
7. Easy Answers
8. Wave to the Wind
9. Samba in the Rain
10. If the Shoe Fits
11. Way to Go Home
12. Lazy River Road

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