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Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Part One (Original Version, 2003)

The Piccadilly Sunshine series has become something of an institution to popsike fans, ranking right up there with collections like Fading Yellow and Circus Days. Over the years, I've become pretty familiar with this series, so I always wondered why I somehow ended up with versions of the first two volumes that were markedly different than the standard editions. How different? Well, they feature a total of twenty-three songs that never made it onto official Piccadilly Sunshine CDs.

So I did some research and, it turns out, I happen to have the rare "early versions" of these CDs. Since twenty-three songs is a lot of unheard music, I'm presenting these editions to close out my month of psychedelic collections. Here's the first one.

In my research I figured out that even though Piccadilly Sunshine became popular around 2010, the series was actually started way back in 2003. The first two volumes were released then on the Desiree label (as Desiree 001 and 002)

Then the series went dark, so to speak, until 2009. It was in that year that a label called Past & Present Records revived Piccadilly Sunshine. When they did, they reissued those first two CDs with different song selections and, of course, a different track order. Past & Present went on to put out Volumes 3-5, after which Particles Records took over. Piccadilly Sunshine is now up to nineteen volumes...and counting.

I first discovered the early editions of Piccacilly Sunshine on the the now-defunct blog Faintly Blowing, which posted about them in Sept. 2008. The original blog post, which has details on the CD, can be found here. The first volume has fourteen songs that were dropped from the later track listing. They are:

Studio Six - Falling Leaves
Tin Tin - He Wants To Be A Star
Manfred Mann - You're My Girl
67 Park Lane - I'm So Happy Just To Be With You
The Symbols - Schoolgirl
Mashmakhan - Dance A Little Step
Svensk - Dream Magazine
The Montanas - You're Making a Big Mistake
Ronnie Burns - Piccadilly Pages
Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds - Paperman Fly In the Sky
Jawbone - How's Ya Pa
Villers & Gold - Of All The Little Girls
The New Formula - Burning In the Background Of My Mind
The Strangers - Step Inside

For me, these songs were a major loss. Several of them formed the heart and soul of the first collection, which is why I prefer the early version to the now-standard 2009 release. I'd name my favorite lost songs as Svenk's "Dream Magazine," Jawbone's "How's Ya Pa," and Villers & Gold's "Of All The Little Girls," all of which have a dreamy, surreal quality to them. (Trivia footnote: The "Gold" of Villers & Gold was the late Andrew Gold, who went on to become a U.S. hitmaker.)

Other cuts I like include the New Formula's "Burning In the Background Of My Mind" and 67 Park Lane's "I'm So Happy Just To Be With You," which are both enjoyable pure pop. But that said, all the songs listed above have their moments. Wonder why they didn't make the cut when the CDs were reissued in '09? Whatever the case, come tomorrow I'll post the early version of the second volume.

Track list (taken from the Faintly Blowing blog):

Piccadilly Sunshine #1
(Desiree 001 / 2003)
1. Roger Bloom's Hammer - Polly Pan
taken from the single
Polly Pan/15 Degree Temperature Rise (CBS 2848) 1967
Line-up: Roger Bloom (vcls), Michael Brooke (lead gtr), Peter E. Green (bs), Robert Cranswick (organ), Chris Fairbanks (sax), Ian Gray (trumpet), Peter McLeod (drms). Band origin: Hull (Yorkshire/UK)
2. Alan David - Flower Power
taken from the single
Completely Free/Flower Power (Polydor BM 56201) 1967
Line-up incl.: Alan David (vcls). Origin: Bognor Regis (Sussex/UK)
3. Studio Six - Falling Leaves
taken from the single
Strawberry Window/Falling Leaves (Polydor BM 56219) 1967
Line-up: Colin McClure (vcls), Neil Grimshaw (lead gtr), Chris McClure (gtr, vcls), Gerry Tedeshi (bs), Ricky Kerry (organ), Jim Breakey (drms).
Band origin: Glasgow (Scotland)
4. Tin Tin - He Wants To Be A Star
taken from the single
Only Ladies Play Croquet/He Wants To Be A Star (Polydor BM 56332) 1969
Line-up: Steve Groves (lead gtr, vcls), Steve Kipner (gtr, banjo, bs, drms, vcls). Band origin: Sydney (New South Wales/Australia) → London
5. Manfred Mann - You're My Girl
taken from the album As Is (Fontana (S)TL 5377) 1966
Line-up: Mike D'Abo (vcls), Tom McGuinness (lead gtr), Klaus Voormann (bs), Manfred Mann (keyb'ds), Mike Hugg (drms). Band origin: London
6. 67 Park Lane - I'm So Happy Just To Be With You
taken from the single
I’m So Happy Just To Be With You/I Got Love (Toast TT 516) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
7. Symbols - Schoolgirl
taken from the single Do I Love You/Schoolgirl (President PT 216) 1968
Line-up: Shaun Corrigan (lead gtr, bs, vcls), Johnny Milton (vcls, gtr), Mick Clarke (bs, vcls), Chaz Wade (drms, vcls). Band origin: Romford (Essex/UK)
8. Mashmakhan - Dance A Little Step
taken from the single
Dance A Little Step/One Night Stand (Aquarius C4-5025) 1972
Line-up: Allan Nicholls (vcls), Brian Greenway (gtr), Steve Laing (bs), Pierre Senecal (keyb'ds, vcls, soprano sax, flute), Lorne Nehring (drms).
Band origin: Montreal (Quebec/Canada)
9. Cups - Good As Gold
taken from the single
Good As Gold/My Life And Times (Polydor BM 56777) 1969
Line-up incl.: Benny Gallagher (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Graham Lyle (gtr, bs, vcls). Band origin: Largs (Scotland/UK)
10. Magicians - Slow Motion
taken from the single
Painting On The Wood/Slow Motion (MCA MU 1046) 1968
Line-up incl.: Terry Martin (bs), Tony Knight (drms), David Watkins.
Band origin: London
11. Svensk - Dream Magazine
taken from the single
Dream Magazine/Getting Old (Page One POF 036) 1967
Line-up: Roger Hopkins (vcls), Jason Paul (vcls).
Band origin: Bournemouth (Dorset/UK)
12. Tim Andrews - Sad Simon Lives Again
taken from the single
Sad Simon Lives Again/You Won't Be Seeing Me Anymore
(Parlophone R 5656) 1967

Line-up incl.: Tim Andrews (vcls). Band origin: London
13. Mixture - Never Trust In Tomorrow
taken from the single
Sad Old Song/Never Trust In Tomorrow (Parlophone R 5755) 1969
Line-up: Bob Harrison (vcls), Dave Greatbanks (lead gtr), Roger Mycock (bs), Ian Campbell (organ, piano), Howard Edwards (drms).
Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
14. Jason James - Miss Pilkington's Maid
taken from the single
Miss Pilkington's Maid/Count Me Out (CBS 2705) 1967
Line-up incl.: Jason James [real name Geoff Mullin] (vcls).
Origin: Blackburn (Lancashire/UK)
15. Montanas - You're Making A Big Mistake
taken from the single
You're Making A Big Mistake/Run To Me (Pye 7N 17597) 1968
Line-up: Johnny Jones (vcls, hrmnca, gtr), Will Hayward (lead gtr), John "Jake" Elcock (bs), Terry Rowley (bs, gtr, keyb'ds), Graham Hollis (drms, vcls). Band origin: Wolverhampton (West Midlands/UK)
16. Ronnie Burns - Piccadilly Pages
taken from the single Age Of Consent/Piccadilly Pages (Spin EK 2627) 1968
Line-up incl.: Ronnie Burns (vcls). Origin: Melbourne (Victoria/Australia)
17. Sounds Incorporated - Dead As A Go-Go
taken from the single
How Do You Feel/Dead As A Go-Go (Polydor 56209) 1967
Line-up: John St. John (gtr), Wes Hunter (bs), Barrie Cameron (keyb'ds, sax), Griff West (trumpet, sax), Alan "Boots" Holmes (sax, flute), John Lee (trombone), Terry Fogg (drms). Band origin: London
18. Mood Of Hamilton - Why Can't There Be More Love
taken from the single
Why Can't There Be More Love/King's Message (Columbia DB 8304) 1967
Line-up incl.: Hamilton King (vcls). Band origin: London
19. Chris Farlowe & Thunderbirds - Paperman Fly In The Sky
taken from the single
The Last Goodbye/Paperman Fly In The Sky (Immediate IM 066) 1968
Line-up: Chris Farlowe (vcls), Albert Lee (lead gtr), Peter Shelley (keyb'ds, violin, trumpet, flugel-horn), Carl Palmer (drms), Gerry Temple (congas, vcls). Band origin: London
20. Jawbone - How's Ya Pa?
taken from the single How's Ya Pa/Mister Custer (Carnaby CNS 4007) 1970
Line-up: Ray Glynn (gtr, vcls), Jeff "Gus" Peters (bs), Kirk Duncan (keyb'ds), Dave Hynes (drms, vcls). Band origin: Hertford (Hertfordshire/UK)
21. Villiers & Gold - Of All The Little Girls
taken from the single
Of All The Little Girls/This East (Polydor 56235) 1968
Line-up: Charlie Villiers (vcls), Andrew Gold (vcls)
Band origin: London
22. New Formula - Burning In The Background Of My Mind
taken from the single
My Baby's Coming Home/Burning In The Background Of My Mind
(Pye 7N 17552) 1968
Line-up: Mike Harper (vcls), Martin Fallon (lead gtr), Bruce Carey (bs, gtr), Ricky Dodd (vcls, sax, hrmnca, flute), Tommy Guthrie (drms).
Band origin: Corby (Northamptonshire/UK)
23. Jon - Polly Sunday
taken from the single
So Much For Mary/Polly Sunday (Parlophone R 5604) 1967
Line-up incl.: Stuart Cowell (lead gtr), Tony Thierney (bs), Jim Toomey (drms). Band origin: London
24. Tony Fabian - Girl Of The Night
taken from the single
Standing In The Rain/Girl Of The Night (Decca F 12200) 1965
Line-up incl.: Tony Fabian (vcls). Band origin: Bournemouth (Dorset/UK)
25. Strangers - Step Inside
taken from the single I'm On An Island/Step Inside (Pye 7N 17585) 1968
Line-up: Jimmy Fanning (vcls), Len Guest (lead gtr), Tommy Caffrey (rhythm gtr), Maxie McEvoy (bs), Vic McNamara (drms). Band origin: Dublin (Ireland)

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