Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Part Two (Original Version, 2003)

It's the last day of November so this marks the final entry for Psychedelic Collections Month. What can I say but, "It's been a trip." Actually, I still have a bunch more compilations left to post and will probably put them out in January. But I want to change course in December, because I have some obscure holiday stuff plus other some other odds'n'ends I'd like to post. So this blog will go back to being random and eclectic, which is the way I like it.

As for today's entry, it's a sequel to  my write-up yesterday, where I wrote about about discovering that the first two Piccadilly Sunshine collections had earlier versions that came out in 2003 on the Desiree label, six years before the series was relaunched on Past & Present Records. This is the original edition of the second volume. It has ten songs that were dropped from the lineup for the 2009 release. One of those songs, Ottilie Patterson's "Spring Song," made it onto the third volume. But nine never showed up again, so the following are rarities:

Steve Ellis - Loot
Sharon Tandy - Hurry Hurry Choo Choo
Peter and Gordon - Wrong From the Start
Johnny Young - Craise Frinton Kirk
The Berkeley Kites - Mary-Go-Round
Afex - I Never Knew Love Was Like This
Tuesday's Children - Summer Leaves Me With a Sigh
Barry & Paul Ryan - Nighttime
Sky - The Singer Is Singing His Song

Once again, this is the version of the CD I first became familiar with and I definitely bemoan the loss of these tunes. That goes especially for "Hurry Hurry Choo Choo" by the late Sharon Tandy, which is a first-rate slice of British blue-eyed soul. (It occurred to me that maybe this one got dropped because it doesn't fit the focus of this series. So what. It's still fantastic.)

I'm also partial to the tracks by Afex and Tuesday's Children. Additionally, I prefer Johnny Young's cover of "Craise Frinton Kirk" to the BeeGees' original -- and I'm saying this as a huge Brothers Gibb fan, the type who loves both Life In A Tin Can and Mr. Natural. As I mentioned last time, I discovered these editions on the now-defunct Faintly Blowing blog, which posted about them in Sept. 2008. So here's the track list Faintly Blowing put out then:

Piccadilly Sunshine #2
(Desiree 002 / 2003)
1. Steve Ellis - Loot
taken from the single Loot/More More More (CBS 4992) 1970
Line-up incl.: Steve Ellis (vcls). Origin: London
2. K.G. Young - Spider
taken from the single
Spider/Spider Woogie 9th Movement (CBS 4302) 1969
Line-up incl.: Kenny Young. Origin: London
3. Magic Lanterns - Time Will Tell (If I'm A Loser)
taken from the single
Auntie Grizelda/Time Will Tell [If I'm A Loser] (CBS 202637) 1967
Line-up: Peter "Coco" Shoesmith (lead gtr, vcls), Ian Moncur (bs, vcls), Jimmy "Jambo" Bilsbury (gtr, vcls), Alan Wilson (drms).
Band origin: Warrington (Cheshire/UK)
4. Sharon Tandy - Hurry, Hurry, Choo, Choo
taken from the single
Love Is Not A Simple Affair/Hurry, Hurry, Choo, Choo (Atlantic 584181) 1968
Line-up incl.: Sharon Tandy (vcls). Origin: London
5. Mike Raynor & The Condors - Turn Your Head
taken from the single Turn Your Head/Lazy Day (Decca F 12605) 1967
Line-up incl.: Mike Raynor. Band origin: UK

6. Peter & Gordon - Wrong From The Start
taken from the single
Woman/Wrong From The Start (Columbia DB 7834) 1966
Line-up: Peter Asher (vcls, gtr, bs), Gordon Waller (vcls, gtr).
Band origin: London
7. Wishful Thinking - I Want You Girl
taken from the single
It's So Easy/I Want You Girl (Decca F 12760) 1968
Line-up: Danny Finn (vcls), John Franklin (lead gtr), Roger Charles (bs), Brian Allen (drms).
Band origin: Southampton (Hampshire/UK)
8. George Bean - Smile From Sequin
taken from the single
The Candy Shop Is Closed/Smile From Sequin (CBS 2801) 1967
Line-up incl.: George Bean (vcls), Alan Morris (organ), John Pritchard (vcls, trumpet, fulgelhorn).
Origin: London
9. Johnny Young - Craise Finton Kirk
taken from the single
Craise Finton Kirk/I Am The World (Clarion MCK 1954) 1967
Line-up: Johnny Young [real name John de Jong] (vcls)
Origin: Perth (Western Australia)
10. Barbara Ruskin - Pawnbroker, Pawnbroker
taken from the single
Pawnbroker, Pawnbroker/Almost (President PT 217) 1968
Line-up incl.: Barbara Ruskin (vcls). Origin: London
11. Perfect People - House In The Country
taken from the single
House In The Country/Polyanna (MCA MU 1079) 1969
Line-up incl.: Clem Cattini (drms). Band origin: London
12. Roger Denison - She Wanders Through My Mind
taken from the single
This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day/She Wanders Through My Mind (Parlophone R 5566) 1967
Line-up incl.: Roger Denison [full name Roger Denison-Watson] (vcls).
Band origin: London
13. George Bean - The Candy Shop Is Closed
See Track 8
14. Bubblegum - Little Red Bucket
taken from the single
Little Red Bucket/With The Sun In Your Hair (Philips BF 1677) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Leicester (Leicestershire/UK)
15. Berkeley Kites - Mary-Go-Round
taken from the single Hang-Up City/Mary-Go-Round (Minaret 132) 1968
Line-up incl.: Robert James Benninghoff.
Band origin: Nashville (Tennessee/US)
16. Chris McClure - Hazy People
taken from the single
I'm Just A Country Boy/Hazy People (Polydor BM 56227) 1967
Line-up incl.: Chris McClure (vcls). Origin: Glasgow (Scotland)
17. Deuce Coup - Angela
taken from the single
A Clown In Town/Angela (Mercury MF 1013) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Leicester (Leicestershire/UK)
18. Ottilie Patterson - Spring Song
taken from the single
Bitterness Of Death/Spring Song (Marmalade 598020) 1969
Line-up incl.: Ottilie Patterson (vcls).
Origin: Belfast (Northern Ireland)
19. Afex - I Never Knew Love Was Like This
taken from the single
She's Got The Time/I Never Knew Love Was Like This (King KG 1058) 1967
Line-up: Dave Ryan (lead vcls), Mick Holmes (lead gtr, vcls), Ray Bryanton (rhythm gtr, vcls), Ronnie Ebbs (bs), Colin Victory (drms).
Band origin: Dagenham (Essex/UK)
20. Tuesday's Children - Summer Leaves Me With A Sigh
taken from the single
High On A Hill/Summer Leaves Me With A Sigh (Columbia DB 8018) 1966
Line-up: Phil Cordell (vcls, multi), Mike Ware (gtr, vcls), Paul Kendrick (bs), Derek Gough (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Enfield (Middlesex/UK)
21. Paul & Barry Ryan - Night Time
taken from the single Nighttime/Heartbreaker (MGM 1354) 1967
Line-up: Paul Ryan (vcls), Barry Ryan (vcls).
Band origin: London
22. Sky - The Singer Is Singing His Song
taken from the single
On Our Way/The Singer Is Singing His Song (Decca F 12971) 1969
Line-up incl.: Bob Bigg (gtr), Paddy Lavell (bs), Norman "Dinky" Diamond (drms).
Band origin: Aldershot (Hampshire/UK)
23. Nocturnes - A New Man
taken from the single A New Man/Suddenly Free (Columbia DB 8332) 1968
Line-up: Lyn Paul (vcls), Eve Graham (vcls), Ken Taylor (lead gtr), Nicky Walker (bs, vcls), Pat O'Hearn (keyb'ds), Ross Mitchell (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
24. Zuider Zee - Provocative Child
taken from the single
Peace Of Mind/Provocative Child (CBS 202235) 1966
Line-up incl.: Martin De Vries (bs), Clive Mountford (drms).
Band origin: Wolverhampton (West Midlands/UK)
25. John Fred & His Playboy Band - No Letter Today
taken from the single Hey Hey Bunny/No Letter Today (Paula 294) 1968
Line-up: John Fred (vcls), Jimmy O'Rourke (gtr), Harold Cowart (bs), Tommy de Generes (organ), Harlie Spinosa (trumpet),Ronnie Goodson (trumpet), Andrew Bernard (sax), Joe Miceli (drms).
Band origin: Baton Rouge (Louisiana/US)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Part One (Original Version, 2003)

The Piccadilly Sunshine series has become something of an institution to popsike fans, ranking right up there with collections like Fading Yellow and Circus Days. Over the years, I've become pretty familiar with this series, so I always wondered why I somehow ended up with versions of the first two volumes that were markedly different than the standard editions. How different? Well, they feature a total of twenty-three songs that never made it onto official Piccadilly Sunshine CDs.

So I did some research and, it turns out, I happen to have the rare "early versions" of these CDs. Since twenty-three songs is a lot of unheard music, I'm presenting these editions to close out my month of psychedelic collections. Here's the first one.

In my research I figured out that even though Piccadilly Sunshine became popular around 2010, the series was actually started way back in 2003. The first two volumes were released then on the Desiree label (as Desiree 001 and 002)

Then the series went dark, so to speak, until 2009. It was in that year that a label called Past & Present Records revived Piccadilly Sunshine. When they did, they reissued those first two CDs with different song selections and, of course, a different track order. Past & Present went on to put out Volumes 3-5, after which Particles Records took over. Piccadilly Sunshine is now up to nineteen volumes...and counting.

I first discovered the early editions of Piccacilly Sunshine on the the now-defunct blog Faintly Blowing, which posted about them in Sept. 2008. The original blog post, which has details on the CD, can be found here. The first volume has fourteen songs that were dropped from the later track listing. They are:

Studio Six - Falling Leaves
Tin Tin - He Wants To Be A Star
Manfred Mann - You're My Girl
67 Park Lane - I'm So Happy Just To Be With You
The Symbols - Schoolgirl
Mashmakhan - Dance A Little Step
Svensk - Dream Magazine
The Montanas - You're Making a Big Mistake
Ronnie Burns - Piccadilly Pages
Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds - Paperman Fly In the Sky
Jawbone - How's Ya Pa
Villers & Gold - Of All The Little Girls
The New Formula - Burning In the Background Of My Mind
The Strangers - Step Inside

For me, these songs were a major loss. Several of them formed the heart and soul of the first collection, which is why I prefer the early version to the now-standard 2009 release. I'd name my favorite lost songs as Svenk's "Dream Magazine," Jawbone's "How's Ya Pa," and Villers & Gold's "Of All The Little Girls," all of which have a dreamy, surreal quality to them. (Trivia footnote: The "Gold" of Villers & Gold was the late Andrew Gold, who went on to become a U.S. hitmaker.)

Other cuts I like include the New Formula's "Burning In the Background Of My Mind" and 67 Park Lane's "I'm So Happy Just To Be With You," which are both enjoyable pure pop. But that said, all the songs listed above have their moments. Wonder why they didn't make the cut when the CDs were reissued in '09? Whatever the case, come tomorrow I'll post the early version of the second volume.

Track list (taken from the Faintly Blowing blog):

Piccadilly Sunshine #1
(Desiree 001 / 2003)
1. Roger Bloom's Hammer - Polly Pan
taken from the single
Polly Pan/15 Degree Temperature Rise (CBS 2848) 1967
Line-up: Roger Bloom (vcls), Michael Brooke (lead gtr), Peter E. Green (bs), Robert Cranswick (organ), Chris Fairbanks (sax), Ian Gray (trumpet), Peter McLeod (drms). Band origin: Hull (Yorkshire/UK)
2. Alan David - Flower Power
taken from the single
Completely Free/Flower Power (Polydor BM 56201) 1967
Line-up incl.: Alan David (vcls). Origin: Bognor Regis (Sussex/UK)
3. Studio Six - Falling Leaves
taken from the single
Strawberry Window/Falling Leaves (Polydor BM 56219) 1967
Line-up: Colin McClure (vcls), Neil Grimshaw (lead gtr), Chris McClure (gtr, vcls), Gerry Tedeshi (bs), Ricky Kerry (organ), Jim Breakey (drms).
Band origin: Glasgow (Scotland)
4. Tin Tin - He Wants To Be A Star
taken from the single
Only Ladies Play Croquet/He Wants To Be A Star (Polydor BM 56332) 1969
Line-up: Steve Groves (lead gtr, vcls), Steve Kipner (gtr, banjo, bs, drms, vcls). Band origin: Sydney (New South Wales/Australia) → London
5. Manfred Mann - You're My Girl
taken from the album As Is (Fontana (S)TL 5377) 1966
Line-up: Mike D'Abo (vcls), Tom McGuinness (lead gtr), Klaus Voormann (bs), Manfred Mann (keyb'ds), Mike Hugg (drms). Band origin: London
6. 67 Park Lane - I'm So Happy Just To Be With You
taken from the single
I’m So Happy Just To Be With You/I Got Love (Toast TT 516) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
7. Symbols - Schoolgirl
taken from the single Do I Love You/Schoolgirl (President PT 216) 1968
Line-up: Shaun Corrigan (lead gtr, bs, vcls), Johnny Milton (vcls, gtr), Mick Clarke (bs, vcls), Chaz Wade (drms, vcls). Band origin: Romford (Essex/UK)
8. Mashmakhan - Dance A Little Step
taken from the single
Dance A Little Step/One Night Stand (Aquarius C4-5025) 1972
Line-up: Allan Nicholls (vcls), Brian Greenway (gtr), Steve Laing (bs), Pierre Senecal (keyb'ds, vcls, soprano sax, flute), Lorne Nehring (drms).
Band origin: Montreal (Quebec/Canada)
9. Cups - Good As Gold
taken from the single
Good As Gold/My Life And Times (Polydor BM 56777) 1969
Line-up incl.: Benny Gallagher (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Graham Lyle (gtr, bs, vcls). Band origin: Largs (Scotland/UK)
10. Magicians - Slow Motion
taken from the single
Painting On The Wood/Slow Motion (MCA MU 1046) 1968
Line-up incl.: Terry Martin (bs), Tony Knight (drms), David Watkins.
Band origin: London
11. Svensk - Dream Magazine
taken from the single
Dream Magazine/Getting Old (Page One POF 036) 1967
Line-up: Roger Hopkins (vcls), Jason Paul (vcls).
Band origin: Bournemouth (Dorset/UK)
12. Tim Andrews - Sad Simon Lives Again
taken from the single
Sad Simon Lives Again/You Won't Be Seeing Me Anymore
(Parlophone R 5656) 1967

Line-up incl.: Tim Andrews (vcls). Band origin: London
13. Mixture - Never Trust In Tomorrow
taken from the single
Sad Old Song/Never Trust In Tomorrow (Parlophone R 5755) 1969
Line-up: Bob Harrison (vcls), Dave Greatbanks (lead gtr), Roger Mycock (bs), Ian Campbell (organ, piano), Howard Edwards (drms).
Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
14. Jason James - Miss Pilkington's Maid
taken from the single
Miss Pilkington's Maid/Count Me Out (CBS 2705) 1967
Line-up incl.: Jason James [real name Geoff Mullin] (vcls).
Origin: Blackburn (Lancashire/UK)
15. Montanas - You're Making A Big Mistake
taken from the single
You're Making A Big Mistake/Run To Me (Pye 7N 17597) 1968
Line-up: Johnny Jones (vcls, hrmnca, gtr), Will Hayward (lead gtr), John "Jake" Elcock (bs), Terry Rowley (bs, gtr, keyb'ds), Graham Hollis (drms, vcls). Band origin: Wolverhampton (West Midlands/UK)
16. Ronnie Burns - Piccadilly Pages
taken from the single Age Of Consent/Piccadilly Pages (Spin EK 2627) 1968
Line-up incl.: Ronnie Burns (vcls). Origin: Melbourne (Victoria/Australia)
17. Sounds Incorporated - Dead As A Go-Go
taken from the single
How Do You Feel/Dead As A Go-Go (Polydor 56209) 1967
Line-up: John St. John (gtr), Wes Hunter (bs), Barrie Cameron (keyb'ds, sax), Griff West (trumpet, sax), Alan "Boots" Holmes (sax, flute), John Lee (trombone), Terry Fogg (drms). Band origin: London
18. Mood Of Hamilton - Why Can't There Be More Love
taken from the single
Why Can't There Be More Love/King's Message (Columbia DB 8304) 1967
Line-up incl.: Hamilton King (vcls). Band origin: London
19. Chris Farlowe & Thunderbirds - Paperman Fly In The Sky
taken from the single
The Last Goodbye/Paperman Fly In The Sky (Immediate IM 066) 1968
Line-up: Chris Farlowe (vcls), Albert Lee (lead gtr), Peter Shelley (keyb'ds, violin, trumpet, flugel-horn), Carl Palmer (drms), Gerry Temple (congas, vcls). Band origin: London
20. Jawbone - How's Ya Pa?
taken from the single How's Ya Pa/Mister Custer (Carnaby CNS 4007) 1970
Line-up: Ray Glynn (gtr, vcls), Jeff "Gus" Peters (bs), Kirk Duncan (keyb'ds), Dave Hynes (drms, vcls). Band origin: Hertford (Hertfordshire/UK)
21. Villiers & Gold - Of All The Little Girls
taken from the single
Of All The Little Girls/This East (Polydor 56235) 1968
Line-up: Charlie Villiers (vcls), Andrew Gold (vcls)
Band origin: London
22. New Formula - Burning In The Background Of My Mind
taken from the single
My Baby's Coming Home/Burning In The Background Of My Mind
(Pye 7N 17552) 1968
Line-up: Mike Harper (vcls), Martin Fallon (lead gtr), Bruce Carey (bs, gtr), Ricky Dodd (vcls, sax, hrmnca, flute), Tommy Guthrie (drms).
Band origin: Corby (Northamptonshire/UK)
23. Jon - Polly Sunday
taken from the single
So Much For Mary/Polly Sunday (Parlophone R 5604) 1967
Line-up incl.: Stuart Cowell (lead gtr), Tony Thierney (bs), Jim Toomey (drms). Band origin: London
24. Tony Fabian - Girl Of The Night
taken from the single
Standing In The Rain/Girl Of The Night (Decca F 12200) 1965
Line-up incl.: Tony Fabian (vcls). Band origin: Bournemouth (Dorset/UK)
25. Strangers - Step Inside
taken from the single I'm On An Island/Step Inside (Pye 7N 17585) 1968
Line-up: Jimmy Fanning (vcls), Len Guest (lead gtr), Tommy Caffrey (rhythm gtr), Maxie McEvoy (bs), Vic McNamara (drms). Band origin: Dublin (Ireland)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Various Artists - CTV’s After Four (1968)

As promised, this is the sequel album to the album I posted yesterday, Yorkville Evolution, which came out the years before. Both of these LPs were "samplers" that were released on Canada's Yorkville label and they each showed the range of a variety of artists from the Great White North in the late '60s. Both of these albums, by the way, are long out of print but these rips used to be all over the Web. That was a long time ago, however, and they've eince disappeared, so I elected myself to bring 'em back to the people.

Like the previous LP, this one has some familiar names. Canada-only sensation Terry Black turns up again with a cover of Sam Cooke's "Only 16." The Sugar Shoppe checks in with a cover of Tim Hardin's "If I Were A Carpenter" which is recast as a psychedelic harmony number in the style of the Mama's & the Papa's. Not bad, actually.

Journeyman rocker Ronnie Hawkins also puts in an appearance with a remake of his own "Mary Lou" (a Top 30 U.S. hit) retitled "Mary Jane." It's got slightly different lyrics and a somewhat psychedelic arrangement, but it's still the same song musically and thematically -- i.e. this new girl is also stealing from him. Maybe Hawkins needed to start meeting girls in church or something.

But to my ears the best track is the Willapuss Wallapuss' Beach Boys-styled "To Jone," a gorgeous "pocket symphony" with organs, harpsichords, beautiful harmonies, and an absolutely rousing chorus. Who was this band? According to the folks at Garage Hangover, they were actually an Ontario group called the 5 Rising Sons who recorded under the name Willapuss Wallapuss "for fun" just for this record! That must have brought out the creativity in them because the track is now a minor late-'60s classic and, as such, was immortalized on Volume 15 of the beloved Fading Yellow series.

Track list:
1. The Scarlet Ribbon - Four In The Morning
2. Ronnie Hawkins - Mary Jane
3. The Sugar Shoppe - If I Were A Carpenter
4. The Big Town Boys - Do It To 'Em
5. The Willapuss Wallapuss - To Jone
6. The Ugly Ducklings - Epilogue
7. Terry Black - Only 16
8. Susan Taylor - If You Love Me
9. Patrician-Anne - Changin' Time
10. Bob Francis And Three To One - I'm A Bad Bad Boy
11. The Chain Rattlers Orchestra - Winchester Cathedral
12. Bonnie & Clyde - Kazoo
13. The Majestics - Sweet Soul Music
14. Teak Wood - You Keep Me Hangin' On
15. Ritchie Knight And The Midnights - The Joke
16. The Stitch In Tyme - Dry Your Eyes

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Various Artists - Yorkville Evolution (1967)

This collection is different than what I've been posting this month for a couple of reasons. First, it's an album of its time, not an after-the-fact collection. And second, it's more garage-oriented than psychedelic.

Still, since the year was 1967, there's enough of a psychedelic influence in the cuts that it fits in with the other compilations I've recently posted. The sound quality of the vinyl rip is pretty rough, but that's the way it sounded when it found it online long ago in a place I can't remember. (Translation: It's not my rip, so don't blame me for the quality, but it's rare so here it is anyway.)

Yorkville Evolution is the first of two samplers that were released on the Canadian Yorkville label. The second is titled CTV’s After Four and it's also got some cool stuff on it. I'll have that one tomorrow. But for today, this one features a few artists who should be familiar to '60s music collectors.

First off is the sunshine pop group the Sugar Shoppe, whose lone 1968 album was reissued a few years ago. Here, they perform "Attitude," an early version of the song "The Attitude" from that self-titled LP. I actually prefer this early arrangement -- which is more trippy and harder-hitting -- but I wish the sound quality was better.

Then there's Terry Black, a Canadian sensation whose lone American hit, "Unless You Care," turns up here. That song holds an odd distinction in the pop charts because it only hit #99 on the Hot 100. What are the odds of getting a chart placement at exactly that number, then disappearing? It should have been bigger because it's an excellent early Beatles type number that still gets oldies play on Zoomer Radio (AM 740) out of Toronto, which I can pick up at night here in the DC-Baltimore region.

Finally, I wonder if the cult garage group the Big Town Boys named themselves after the great Shirley Matthews soul song  "Big-Town Boy," which was a very minor U.S. hit but a big smash in Matthews' native Canada in '64. Wait a minute, soul music rubbing elbows with garage in the same post? Worlds are colliding!!

Track list:
1. The Ugly Ducklings - Gaslight
2. Ronnie Hawkins - Home From The Forest
3. The Stitch In Tyme - Got To Get You Into My Life
4. The Sugar Shoppe - Attitude
5. The Big Town Boys - Jack Rabbit
6. The Majestics - Respect
7. Terry Black - Unless You Care
8. Ritchie Knight and The Midnights - Charlena
9. The Quiet Jungle - Ship Of Dreams
10. Little Caesar and The Consuls - Finger Poppin' Time
11. Susan Taylor - Don't Make Promises

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Various Artists - Hen's Teeth Vol. 1: Oil Emulsion Slyde vs. The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke

Unlike the collection featured in my previous post, Mynd the Gap, this set does have a second volume. However, it's in print and currently for sale, while this one is not. So, I'll just be posting the first volume of Hen's Teeth.

The back cover promises "Loads more info inside." So it's a bummer that the version I got didn't include any liner notes. But you don't really need to read about this stuff to enjoy it. It's rare, it's good, and it's "from the golden age," as they also say on the back cover. What more do you need?

Track list:
1. El David - Light Of Your Mind
2. The Matadors - Get Down From The Tree
3. Alan Avon & The Toy Shop - A Night To Remember
4. Svensk - Getting Old
5. Junior's Eyes - The Black Snake
6. Enough's Enough - Please Remember
7. State Of Mycky And Tommy - I Know What I Would Do
8. The Bluejeans - Sandfly
9. Giorgio And Marco's Men - Baby I Need You
10. The Hi-Fis - Tread Softly For The Sleepers
11. The Gibsons - City Life
12. The Kinetic - Suddenly Tomorrow
13. The Glass Opening - Does It Really Matter
14. The Freedom - Trying To Get A Glimpse Of You
15. Edwick Rumbold - Boggle Woggle
16. Wheels Of Time - 1984
17. Virgin Sleep - Halliford House
18. Mandrake - Sunlight Glide
19. The Executives - Moving In A Circle
20. John Carter & Russ Alquist - The Laughing Man
21. The Favourite Sons - Walking Walking Walking
22. The Tangerine Peel - Trapped
23. Motivation - Little Man
24. The Tickle - Good Evening
25. Enough's Enough - Look Around You Baby
26. The Kirkbys - It's A Crime

Friday, November 25, 2016

Various Artists - Mynd The Gap Vol. 1 (Sunshine Sound From the Underground)

The 1997 psychedelic rock collection Mynd The Gap might have been touted as "Vol. 1," but don't let that fool you. This was a one-off compilation, not a series. There was never a second volume.

But that's fine because what it delivers it delivers well, specifically '60s psych obscurities. Subtitled "Sunshine Sound From the Underground," it gathers together eleven tracks that all seem to be either British or European in origin.

How obscure? Well, some of 'em weren't even released. That obscure. The Cressida and Autumn songs, for instance, are not from legitimate releases but from acetates. The song by Writing On The Wall song is from a Top Gear session. More info is inside in the notes.

Track list:
1. Cressida - Lights In My Mind
2. 1984 - This Little Boy
3. Autumn - Shy Fly
4. Electric Food - The Reason Why
5. Henri Schifter - Another Time
6. The Mooche - Seen Through A Light
7. Cressida - Depression
8. Griffin - What A Day It's Been
9. Writing On The Wall - Sha La La La Lee
10. Electric Food - Hey Down
11. Shere Khan - Little Louise

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Various Artists - Lost Sixties Delights Vol. 6

It's Thanksgiving, so everyone have a good holiday and be sure to listen to "Alice's Restaurant" at least once. Since people are going to be busy today, I won't write too much except to say this is the sixth and final volume of Lost Sixties Delights. That's a wrap, and I'm glad I was able to obtain all the volumes thanks to some helpful readers.

This volume, like the last few, comes with liner notes, so there's no need for me to repeat the info here. One thing I will mention is that if you like the Split Level song included here ("Right Track"), I posted about their album back in March, so you might want to look into hearing the whole thing.

Track list:
1. Phoenix - Ode to Jimi Hendrix
2. The Forum Quorum - Misery
3. The Hobbits - Daffodil Days
4. The Arbors - I Can't Quit Her
5. The Split Level - Right Track
6. Os Aranhas - Gloria
7. The Nite Watchmen - I'm Going To Lose My Mind
8. Esquires - Settle Down
9. The Third Booth - Mysteries
10. Smoke - Choose It (Part 1)
11. Woody's Truck Stop - Tryin' So Hard
12. The Rainbow Press - The Last Platoon
13. The Green Sound - Green Sound
14. The Floating Opera - Song of the Suicides
15. Mustache Wax - I'm Gonna Get You
16. The Family of Apostolic - Saigon Girls
17. The Bag - Red, Purple and Blue
18. Liquid Smoke - I Who Have Nothing
19. Brym-Stonz Ltd. - You'll Be Mine
20. Robin and the Three Hoods - That's Tuff
21. The Sages - I'm Not Going to Cry
22. The Times - (She Can't Replace) The Love We Knew
23. Clown - Lord of the Ringside
24. Dave Grusin - Constant Journey
25. Honey Ltd. - Come Down
26. Primrose Circus - In My Mind
27. Hamilton Streetcar - Invisible People
28. Bud Shank - I Am the Walrus

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Various Artists - Lost Sixties Delights Vol. 5

The fifth volume of Lost Sixties Delights has an interesting surprise on it for anyone who is a fan of Dion and the Belmonts. It's the A-Side of a single by the late Belmonts singer Carlo Mastrangelo done under the name Carlo's Crown Jewel. The song in question, "Its Alright," is a pretty credible late '60s rocker. Not only does it feature a driving, organ-fueled arrangement , but it's got a vocal so gritty and soulful that no one would ever connect it with the smooth do wop harmonies for which Mastrangelo is best known. Who knew?

Other than that, there's a lot of really cool psychedelic rock here. Once again, since there's liner notes there is little reason for me to repeat the info here. And once again I took the time to double check the artist's names and song titles with the actual 45 records, so listeners who are pick about such things should go by my list below and the MP3 tags, not the back cover.

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Track list:
1. The Zig Zag Paper Co. - I Feel Free
2. The Reasons Why - Mrs. McQueen's Garden
3. Python - Shock Treatment
4. Page Five - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
5. The Keepers of The Light - My Babe
6. Chubby Checker - Gypsy
7. The Magpies - The Ballad of Samuel Oscar Beasley
8. The Wild Cherries - You Know What Cha Want
9. The Gremlins - We've Found a Love
10. Moonstone - Wall
11. Lightmyth - Quest of the Golden Horde
12. Heavy Breathing - I Been There
13. Hunter - Coming on Strong
14. Carlo's Crown Jewel - Its Alright
15. Thundergrin - Mr. Simms
16. A Warm Puppy - Colorful Love
17. Stars and Stripes - Listen
18. The Electric Love - She Wants to Be Free
19. The Mind's Eye - Tell Me Your Sign
20. The Detours - Peace of Mind
21. Python - Pink Ladies
22. Greylock Mansion - Amazon
23. Greylock Mansion - Catafalque
24. Soulful Bowlful - Runnin' Home to Mama
25. The Perfect Stone - Little Girl Purple
26. Wild Goose - Flyin' Machine

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Various Artists - Lost Sixties Delights Vol. 4

After several readers contributed the final three volumes of this series, I've decided to put the whole thing out. Lost Sixties Delights was put together around 15 years ago by people in the Yahoo U-Spaces group, but since then it's disappeared from the Web. Someone had to keep it from falling into obscurity, so now we're doing that here -- and if you contributed, thanks again for your help.

Since I'm not all that familiar with this particular volume yet, I don't have that much to say. But one thing I did do was take the time to proof all the artist's names and song titles by checking them against those on the actual 45s. As it stands, a bunch needed corrections. For example, track 21 is by "Lovegrass," not "The Love Grass" and the song is "O Hali," not "O'Hail." So if you're looking for accuracy, use my list below or the MP3 titles and tags as a reference, not the back cover. This isn't a knock on the creators of the series; when they were doing this stuff, there weren't nearly as many photos or videos of 45 labels online to double check it all.

Unlike the first three volumes, this one doesn't have liner notes. So you're on your own with that. But at least you're there with some cool tunes.

Track list:
1. The Palace Guard - Sideshow
2. The Jets - When I Was Young
3. Brand X - Come On Home
4. The Rogues - Tobacco Road
5. Bill Wrinn - Devil Takes New Orleans
6. Bill Wrinn - The Judas Goat
7. Crystal Sect - Days & Weeks
8. The 7th Seal - People Grow On You
9. Thackeray Rocke - Tobacco Road
10. Thackeray Rocke - Can't You See
11. Plastic Ax - White Smoke Pt. 1
12. The Baroque Monthly - I'll Be Lonely
13. Brimstone - The Monkey Song
14. Greg Todd & the Jacks - Garden of Delights
15. The Grass Company - Once A Child
16. The Roosters - Rosebush
17. The Us Too Group - Tell Me Where She Is
18. The Livin' Ends - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
19. Velvet Illusions - Town of Fools
20. Loyal Opposition - Telling Lies
21. Lovegrass - O Hali
22. The Small Society - Live For A Real Good Sound
23. The Rustiks - I'm Not The Lovin' Kind
24. Some Other Animal - All Alone On the Highway
25. The Domestic Help - The Bad Seed
26. Randy and the Roadrunners - Starvin'
27. Denny Ezba's Gold - Queen Mary
28. Crowd + 1 - Most Peculiar Things

Monday, November 21, 2016

Various Artists - Lost Sixties Delights Vol. 3

The third edition of the Lost Sixties Delights might be my favorite one so far. But I won't comment on the tracks because the first three volumes of this series all have liner notes. Why be redundant? You can read about the artists and the songs directly from the people who put the series together.

Now for some good news. I only had the first three volumes of this series, but when I mentioned that in my last post two helpful readers passed them along: François and Easily Confused. Not only that, but an online friend (known only as "Anthony") also got me these volumes.

Gee, that sure was easy. Guys, I appreciate you all granting my wishes so quickly. If I ask for an Melania lookalike to be at my door by Tuesday, could y'all take care of that, too? Kidding, kidding. Like everyone else, I'd prefer an Ivanka lookalike.

Getting back to reality (which is not something fans of psychedelic music like to do), I now have a decision to make. I need to figure out whether to do complete posts featuring volumes 4-6 (so the whole series can be available in one place) or just direct readers to the previous post so they can look in the comments section. Maybe I'll do both.

Track list:
1. Lyn La Salle - Randee Ram-Jet
2. The Zeitgeist - (Herein Lie) The Seeds of Revolution
3. Leather Soul - Take Me Back
4. The Innovation - This Ain't Real
5. The Denims - The Ghost in Your House Is Me
6. Tenderfoot Kids - Tomorrow, the Moon
7. Last Friday's Fire - Something's Happening
8. Joseph - House of the Rising Sun
9. Grump - Heartbreak Hotel
10. Pure Madness - Freedom Rides
11. The Indians [USA-60s] - Been So Long
12. The Licorice Schtik - Flowers Flowers
13. The Astral Projection - Our Love Is a Rainbow
14. The Calliope - We've Made It
15. Hamilton Streetcar - Your Own Comedown
16. Beau Allen - Georgia Ground
17. American Zoo - Where Am I?
18. The Three Heads - Penetration
19. Sons of May - Morning Dew (And the Light Turned Red)
20. White Wash - You Better Think It Over
21. The Lost Tribe - Walk One Way
22. People - Fantasy in Jade
23. Hex - You Cry and I'll Laugh
24. Salt - Long Way to Go
25. Morocco - Ela 'Tho
26. Group Axis - Smokestack Lightning
27. The Recurring Love Habit - A Day in the Life
28. The Oxford Watchband - Love, Love, Love

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Various Artists - Lost Sixties Delights Vol. 2

And here's the second volume of Lost Sixties Delights, a series of mostly American garage psychedelia. I have three volumes; a reader posted that there were three more. Anyone out there got the missing trio? If so, I'll post them...

Track list:
1. M.C.2 - Smiling
2. J.D. Blackfoot - Who's Nuts Alfred
3. New World with Mary Lou - World of Love
4. Captain Billy's Whizzbang - Paradise of Your Mind
5. Pembrook Ltd. - Love's So Easy
6. The Premiers - Ring Around My Rosie
7. Legay - The Fantastic Story of the Steam Driven Banana
8. The Care Package - Vinegar Man
9. The Wild Ones - Never Givin' Up
10. Captain Billy's Whizzbang - Kaleidoscope
11. The Springfield Rifle - All She Said
12. Illinois Speed Press - Get in the Wind, Pt. 2
13. The Trav'lers - Shadows of Defeat
14. These Vizitors - For Mary's Sake
15. Heroes of Cranberry Farm - Children (Save the World)
16. The Neighborhood Bakery - A Waste of Time
17. Panda - Swingin' About
18. The Front Line - I Don't Care
19. Blue Wood - Turn Around
20. The Wild Ones - For Your Love
21. The Family - So Much to Remember
22. The Lime - Hey Girl
23. Mastermind - Turn of the Head
24. Steff - She's All Right
25. The Sound Vendor - In Paradise
26. Bunalım - Kınalı Gelin
27. The Human Touch - Blues for the Millions
28. The Butter Rebellion - Aftermath
29. The Magic Ring - Frodo Lives

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Various Artists - Lost Sixties Delights Vol. 1

After twelve posts featuring British and/or European popsike, the Lost Sixties Delights series brings us back to the good ol' U.S.A., musically speaking. Most of the twenty-seven cuts here are 'Mercian made, to quote an old country hit. This actually returns us to where I began this month of psychedelic collections. In more ways than one.

Not only did I start the month off with a series showcasing American music, California Love-In, but that series was put together in the same fashion as this one: Through the Yahoo group U-Spaces. In fact, the two series have two creators in common: Ed Lynch and Ben Chaput. However, Lost Sixties Delights also has a new compiler on board, Zach Boyd-James.

Like California Love-In, this series was never for sale, so by passing it along I'm carrying on the spirit of making obscure music available to those who want to hear it. And most of this stuff is seriously obscure. The one exception is the 2 of Clubs cut "Walk Tall (Like A Man)," which was a hit. How big a hit? I got to #92 nationally. That still makes it way more popular than anything else here, so if you like discovering "new old" music, these tracks should be your thing.

Some favorites of mine include the Chicago Loop's madcap waltz "Beginning At the End," the Trolls' Beatlesque "Are You the One," and Fairchilds' poppish "I Couldn't Think About Livin' Without You) Thinkin' Bout Me." (And for those who sweat such things, that last group was called Fairchilds for this release, not The Fairchilds. Getting this stuff wrong is a pet peeve of mine, so I double check labels.)

I just have one question about this series: How many volumes were there? As far as I know, there were only three. But I also thought that with California Love-In, and then a helpful reader generously supplied three more. So, if anyone knows if there are any more of these, speak now...

Track list:
1. The Bluebeards - Come On-A My House
2. The Apple Corps - Don't Leave Me
3. The Oxford Watchband - Diagnosis (One Way Empty & Down)
4. Jeep - Feep Feep
5. 2 of Clubs - Walk Tall
6. Johnny Fever - Zombie
7. Randy and The Ring - Caverns of My Mind
8. The Trolls - Are You the One
9. Art Zoyd - Something in Love
10. The Chicago Loop - Beginning at the End
11. Sense of Humor - Secret Thoughts
12. The Collection - Paper Crown of Gold
13. The Front End - The Real Thing
14. Bunalım - Aşk Senin Bildiğin Gibi Değil
15. The Country Gentlemen - Greensleeves
16. The Country Gentlemen - I Don't Want to Share Your Love
17. Mother Nature - Lost in the Pacific
18. The Cockneys - Oh No You Won't
19. The Emeralds - Don't Listen to Your Friends
20. California Bear - Eulogy
21. Fairchilds - (I Couldn't Think About Livin' Without You) Thinkin' Bout Me
22. Crystal Empire - Sour Milk Sea
23. The Cockneys - I Know You're Gonna Be Mine
24. Çığrışım - Babam Yazdı Ben Besteledim İşte Aşkın Tarifi
25. The Hobbits - Pretty Young Thing
26. The Myddle Class - Free As the Wind
27. The Yankee Dollar - Reflections of a Shattered Mind

Friday, November 18, 2016

Various Artists - Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 5

This is the fifth and final volume of Jagged Time Lapse, a series of vintage psychedelic sounds out of the UK. There are some weird juxtapositions on this one, like Herman's Hermits rubbing elbows with Jethro Tull. Odder still is that before those two artists, there's a track by Paul Nicholas. He's the guy who would go on to do the disco classic "Heaven on the Seventh Floor." Great song, but not something we usually associate with psychedelia.

Something that is definitely psychedelic and really has to be heard by fans of the genre is the Eire Apparent song "The Clown." This is an LP cut from their only album, Sunrise, and not only was it produced by Jimi Hendrix, it apparently features lead guitar by him as well as backing vocals by Noel Redding. Not to be missed.

Another standout track is "Chicago Cottage" by the Mirage, a band best known for the freaky "Ebaneezer Beaver" and for their song "Go Away," which features Graham Nash on backing vocals. Unlike those two songs, this one isn't on their 2006 compilation CD The Pop Sike World of the Mirage, so it's something of a rarity.

The Executives' "I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)" is a cover version of a Sly Stone song that was originally recorded by Sly & the Family Stone's on their Dance To the Music album from 1968. Someone should put together a Psoulful Psych collection that brings together songs that straddle the two genres and show the debt psychedelic music had to soul. Maybe someday I'll do this. The Move, the Action, and others drew heavily from soul to create their sound.

Other than that, the only other track I'd like to single out is Legay's "The Fantastic Story of the Steam Driven Banana," which is as catchy as it is ridiculous. If someone ever puts together a CD titled It Could Only Have Happened In the '60s, this should be the first track.

Track list:
1. Beverley - Where the Good Times Are
2. Rifkin - Continental Hesitation
3. Gene Latter & The Detours - My Life 'Aint Easy
4. Dave Berry - Latisha
5. Paul Nicholas - Lamp Lighter
6. Herman's Hermits - Moonshine Man
7. Jethro Tull - Aeroplane
8. The Moody Blues - Leave This Man Alone
9. Mud - House on the Hill
10. Black Velvet - Clown
11. Made in Sheffield - Right Satisfied
12. Legay - The Fantastic Story of the Steam Driven Banana
13. David McNeil - Don't Let Your Chance Go By
14. The Eire Apparent - The Clown
15. Wallace Collection - Baby I Don't Mind
16. The Mirage - Chicago Cottage
17. The Loot - Don't Turn Around
18. Love Sculpture - River to Another Day
19. The Executives - I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)
20. Love Affair - The Tree
21. Harsh Reality - How Do You Feel
22. Hardin & York - Candlelight
23. Topo D. Bil - Jam
24. Kevin Godley - To Fly Away
25. Graham Gouldman - Chestnut

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Various Artists - Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 4

The fourth volume of the British psychedelic music series Jagged Time Lapse features some commercial artists who made it in America (the Dave Clark Five, the Searchers, Sweet) and some less popular artists who didn't register much outside their native England (the Artwoords, Blossom Toes).

The Young Idea, who do the song "Colours of Darkness," are probably best known at this point for being on other compilations, such as 60s Psych Pop Treasures. Same goes for Dry Ice and Simon Dupree & the Big Sound. There is one more in this series and then we go on to another group of compilations that's as American as it is psychedelia.

Track list:
1. The Dave Clark Five - Five by Five
2. The Barrier - Uh!
3. The Epics - Henry Long
4. Rick Price & Sheridan - Sometimes I Wonder
5. Rainbows - New Day Dawning
6. Countdown - Alexandrina (The Great)
7. The Sweet - The Juicer
8. Washington DC's - Seek and Find
9. The Young Idea - Colours of Darkness
10. Leviathan - Just Forget Tomorrow
11. The Artwoods - In the Deep End
12. Blossom Toes - Telegram Tuesday
13. The Mindbenders - Yellow Brick Road
14. The Searchers - Umbrella Man
15. The Dragons - Heart Transplantation
16. The Nashville Teens - Last Minute
17. The Glass Menagerie - Do My Thing Myself
18. Dry Ice - Nowhere to Go
19. Simon Dupree & the Big Sound - I've Seen It All Before
20. Brainbox - Down Man
21. Carriage Company - In Your Room
22. Sleepy - Mrs. Bailey's Barbecue & Grill
23. The Human Instinct - The Rich Man
24. John Bromley - I'm Gonna Love You 'Til I Die
25. Art - Room Take Away Three

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Various Artists - Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 3

And here we have the third chapter of Jagged Times Lapse, an "unofficial" series of psychedelic sounds mostly from the '60s and all from the UK. With all these compilations, it's getting tougher to think of something insightful or clever to say. After all, it's not like this is a specific album where you can tell its story. But for this one, I did find a loose theme among these tracks. Volume 3 could be subtitled "Before They Were Stars," although the word "stars" would have to be pretty relative.

The Nightriders song "It's Only The Dog" features a young Jeff Lynne and was on a 45 record that was released just before the band renamed themselves the Idle Race. The V.I.P.'s tune, "Straight Down To the Bottom," features a young Greg Ridley, later to join Spooky Tooth and Humble Pie. The Mindbenders track, "My New Day and Age," features a young Eric Stewart, who later co-founded 10cc and played with Paul McCartney. The Equals cut, "The Skies Above," features a young Eddy Grant, who had a hit with "Electric Avenue" decades later. The Roulettes song, "Junk," features a young Russ Ballard, who would go on to write hits like America's "You Can Do Magic" and Santana's "Winning."

Beyond all that, my favorite tune here is "You're My Mother" by Mud, which is strange as hell lyrically but absolutely blissful melodically. Mud later became a UK glam rock sensation that barely registered in the United States -- sort of like Wizzard.

Track list:
1. Beverley - Happy New Year
2. The Rokes - Ride On
3. The Roulettes - Junk
4. Chris Andrews - Hold On
5. Julian Covey & the Machine - Sweet Bacon
6. The Dave Clark Five - Maze of Love
7. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - The Sun Goes Down
8. Leviathan - Remember the Times
9. New York Public Library - Love Me Two Times
10. Cat's Pyjamas - Camera Man
11. The Stoics - Search for the Sea
12. The Syn - Flowerman
13. Manfred Mann - You're My Girl
14. Mud - You're My Mother
15. The Loot - Whenever You're Ready
16. The Bunch - We're Not What We Appear to Be
17. The Fresh Windows - Fashion Conscious
18. The Mindbenders - My New Day and Age
19. The Nightriders - It's Only the Dog
20. The Rockin' Vickers - I Don't Need Your Kind
21. The Equals - The Skies Above
22. The Scenery - Thread of Time
23. The Soft Machine - Love Makes Sweet Music
24. John Fitch & Associates - Stoned Out of It
25. The V.I.P.'s - Straight Down to the Bottom
26. The Kinetic - The Train

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Various Artists - Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 2

The second volume of the Jagged Time Lapse series has at least one bona fide psychedelic classic in Griffin's "I Am the Noise Inside Your Head," an intense rocker with some blistering lead guitar. Griffin was a group put together by some members of Skip Bifferty after the dissolution of that band. So was Heavy Jelly, who is represented here by a much more pop-oriented effort, "I Keep Singing That Same Old Song."

Speaking of pop, this collection of British psychedelia has a bit more of it than the last one. And one of the best such cuts is Balls' "Fight For My Country," a political number that has a nicely uplifting chorus. The song, by the way, was composed by Trevor Burton, who quit the Move to start this short-lived supergroup with Steve Gibbons and Denny Laine. How short-lived were they? This was their only release.

Another one-record wonder was Mooche, whose soulful "Seen Through A Light" has made it onto several compilations...some of which I'll be putting out in the future. The Orange Bicycle song, "Last Cloud Home," was not on their self-titled LP nor on the '80s collection Let's Take a Trip On An Orange Bicycle. It was the flip side of their 1969 cover of Bob Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You."

Just for the record, New York Public Library has no "the" before its name and was a British group despite its moniker. So were the Nashville Teens. Cats Eyes (who had no apostrophe in their name) recorded half a dozen singles in their day, but never released an album. Their track here "The Loser" is one of the collection's best, and considering how good some of their other songs were (like "Come Away Melinda") you wonder why an LP wasn't in the cards.

Track list:
1. The Magic Mixture - So Sad    
2. Balls - Fight For My Country    
3. Village - Long Time Coming    
4. Bulldog Breed - Friday Hill    
5. Nashville Teens - Widdicombe Fair    
6. Cats Eyes - The Loser    
7. The Nicols - She Had A Name To Find Out    
8. Cuby & The Blizzards - Window Of My Eyes    
9. Keith Meehan - Hooker Street    
10. Griffin - I Am The Noise In Your Head    
11. Leviathan - The War Machines    
12. New York Public Library - Which Way To Go    
13. Lace - The Nun    
14. The Tower - In Your Life    
15. Nite People - Morning Sun    
16. The Orange Bicycle - Last Cloud Home    
17. Revolver - Imaginations    
18. Heavy Jelly - I Keep Singing That Same Old Song    
19. The Mooche - Seen Through A Light    
20. Ning - More Ning

Monday, November 14, 2016

Various Artists - Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 1

A new week, a new series. Since I declared November to be Psychedelic Collection Month, I've posted three series so far: California Love-In, Collecting Peppermint Clouds, and The Electric Lemonade Acid Test. This marks the fourth and it'll take up the whole week. 

Jagged Time Lapse was a five-part anthology of '60s sounds that came from the UK starting in the year 2000. It brought together British artists who mostly made hard rock, acid rock, or garage band music. In that sense, it's the anthesis of the previous series I posted, The Electric Lemonade Acid Test, which was more pop-oriented.

Since my tastes lean toward pop, my favorite Jagged Time Lapse tracks are probably not indicative of what's really good on here. With that in mind, I'll give a shout-out to Excelsior Spring's "It," which is a single I've known about for eternity since it came out on the high-profile Immediate Records label. Jon's "Is It Love" is also pretty catchy, but that one is also on the first volume of Circus Days.

But beyond that, there's a lot of catchy stuff here, especially the Pandamonium's "Fly With Me Forever," the Beatstalkers' "Little Boy," and the Freedom's "Where Will You Be Tonight." I wish there had been some explanatory blurb about the thoughts behind this series, but since there's not, all I said say is "It rocks, turn it up!"

Track list:
1. The Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Get Out Your Rock N' Roll Shoes
2. The Factory - Gone
3. The Movement - Head For The Sun
4. Leviathan - Second Production
5. The Nashville Teens - Ex Kay One LX
6. The Dave Clark Five - Concentration Baby
7. Paul Jones - The Dog Presides
8. Freedom - Where Will You Be Tonight
9. The Excelsior Spring - It
10. Pandemonium - Fly With Me Forever
11. Fresh Windows - Summer Sun Shines
12. Jon - Is It Love
13. Aphrodite's Child - Magic Mirror
14. Neo Maya - I Won't Hurt You
15. Sleepy - Love's Immortal Fire
16. The Soft Machine - Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin'
17. The Beatstalkers - Little Boy
18. The End - Loving Sacred Loving
19. Turquoise - 53 Summer Street
20. The Koobas - Gypsy Fred
21. Episode Six - I Can See Through You
22. Blossom Toes - Postcard

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Various Artists - The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol. 4

Like the previous volume of The Electric Lemonade Acid Test, this one is also subtitled "An Anthology of the Spark Label 1967-70." As such, many of the same artists appear.

The most interesting group to my ears is the New Generation, whose moniker was changed to A New Generation for the single presented here, "Smokey Blue's (SIC) Away"/"She's a Soldier Boy." This group, which later became the Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, only released three singles, but all six songs of their are fab. They definitely should have put out an album.  For those interested, the two songs they did that aren't included on these anthologies are "Police Is Here," which is on Piccadilly Sunshine Part 12, and "Mr. C," which is on my own comp, 60s Psych Pop Treasures Vol. 15.

Once again, there are liner notes included, so there is no point in me writing too much. But I can't resist asking one musical question: Why in the world is there a gym teacher's whistle at 1:50 in the Eggy's great rocker "You're Still Mine?" Did their phys ed teacher put up the money for them to record this 45 on the condition that he somehow be included? I'm kidding, of course. This was the other side of the Eggy song included on the last collection, "Hookey," and it was their only release. It's a shame they didn't record more, because it's one hell of a single. Maybe their gym teacher ran out of cash. Or whistles.

Track list:
1. The Fruit Machine - Sunshine of Your Love
2. The Illusion of Happiness - Talk of the Devil
3. Timothy Blue - Room at the Top of the Stairs
4. A New Generation - Smokey Blue's Away
5. John Carter & Russ Alquist - The Laughing Man
6. Simon de Lacy - Goodbye Love
7. Jasper - Liberation Interlude 1
8. Carlew Choir - Give a Hand to the Clown
9. The Fruit Machine - Follow Me
10. The Eggy - You're Still Mine
11. Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - And I Remember
12. A New Generation - She's a Soldier Boy
13. The Fruit Machine - Willow Tree
14. Carter/Keen/Shaw - Magic People
15. Icarus - You're in Life
16. The Baby - Michael Blues
17. Jasper - Liberation Interlude 2
18. Eartha Kitt - Wear Your Love Like Heaven

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Various Artists - The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol. 3

Unlike a lot of multi-part anthologies, The Electric Lemonade Acid test does not drop in quality with each successive volume. I consider the third and fourth volumes to be far better than the first two. Volume 3 is my favorite of all.

This one is subtitled "An Anthology of the Spark Label 1967-70" and judging from this collection, Spark was one great label. For one thing Spark was responsible of two popsike classics, both of which ended up here: The Fruit Machine's "I'm Alone Today" and the New Generation's "Sadie And Her Magic Mr. Galahad." The first is an ominous-but-tuneful rocks -- sort of like Clear Light, but with better hooks. The second is a pure pop-psychedelic confection with a killer chorus. I played "Sadie" endlessly when I first discovered it.

What's even better is that those songs are surrounded by a host of other great ones. For me, the best are Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera's pensive "Reflections Of A Young Man," the Eggy's rockin' "Hookey," Carter/Keen/Shaw's spacy "Rain Rain" (also done by Threshold Of Pleasure), and Timothy Blue's tuneful "She Won't See The Light" (also done by the Beethoven Soul and Lesley Gore). Again, liner notes are included, so there's no need to me to expound on this any further, except to say this is one of my most-played collections ever.

Track list:
1. Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - To Be With You
2. Just William - Cherrywood Green
3. The New Generation - Sadie And Her Magic Mr. Galahad
4. Carter/Keen/Shaw - Rain Rain
5. The Fruit Machine - The Wall
6. Carter/Keen/Shaw - In The Sky
7. Timothy Blue - She Won't See The Light
8. Icarus - The Devil Rides Out
9. The Fruit Machine - I'm Alone Today
10. The Baby - Heartbreaker
11. The Fruit Machine - Cuddly Toy
12. Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - Reactions Of A Young Man
13. The New Generation - Digger
14. Simon De Lacy - Baby Come Back To Me
15. John Carter And Russ Alquist - Midsummer Dreaming
16. The Eggy - Hookey
17. Eartha Kitt - Hurdy Gurdy Man

Friday, November 11, 2016

Various Artists - The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol. 2

The second installment of The Electric Lemonade Acid Test series again surveys a small British record company's releases during a short time period. This one is subtitled "An Anthology Of The Transatlantic And Big T Labels 1967-69," and it looks at the rock and pop acts put out by the folk-oriented Transatlantic label and its subsidiary Big T.

As with the first volume, this one has some classic pop-psych (or "popsike") on it. First and foremost is the Purple Gang's "Granny Takes a Trip," which was also done by Ralph McTell a few years later. My favorite cut is probably the Procol Harum-styled balled "What A Way To Die" done by Ola, best known for his work with Ola & the Janglers. As you might expect, some folk gets thrown into the mix too and that's represented by the Sallyangie, a folk consisting of siblings Sally and Mike Oldfield, and the Pentangle.

Once again, the collection includes extensive, well-written liner notes, so I'll say no more. Wait, I do have one more thing to say. If you're the type who only listens to the first volumes of multi-part series, don't do that with The Electric Lemonade Acid Test. Because the best is yet to come.

Track list:
1. The Purple Gang - Granny Takes A Trip
2. Brass Tacks - Maxwell Ferguson
3. The Deviants - First Line (Seven The Row)
4. The Pentangle - Travellin' Song
5. The Sallyangie     Lady Mary
6. 1984 - Rosalyn
7. The Movement - Head For The Sun
8. The Deviants - Billy The Monster
9. The Purple Gang - The Wizard
10. 1984 - This Little Boy
11. Particular People - What's The Matter With Juliet
12. The Pentangle - Light Flight
13. Ola - What A Way To Die
14. The Deviants - Death Of A Dream Machine

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Various Artists - The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol. 1

It's probably an understatement to say The Electric Lemonade Acid Test is a absolutely incredible series. This four-part anthology of British psychedelic music is so great it's mind-blowing. Other than the Circus Days collections, you're unlikely to find an series that has such a high percentage of great songs and fascinating '60s-era production ideas.

But The Electric Lemonade Acid Test, which started in the year 2000, differs from Circus Days in one important way. It's gone out of print, and isn't even circulated among bloggers anymore. So since I declared November Psychedelic Collections Month, I decided to make it available once again.

This is the first volume and it's subtitled "An Anthology of the President Label 1967-70." From what I've been able to find online, the President label was a UK indie company that specialized in pop psychedelia (popsike) and also reissued a lot of American soul sides. With that history, they sound pretty cool to me already. The fact that they released this many great records makes them even cooler.

Since this set comes with large-scale readable liner notes (in fact, all of the volumes did), there's no need for me to go into detail on the groups since you can read about them for yourselves. There are too many favorites here for me to even list. But...I will say Hat And Tie's "Finding It Rough" probably takes the top prize in my book. That duo, by the way, would later become Nirvana, a fab popsike group who unfortunately got their name swiped decades later by some AOR media darlings whose popularity I still don't get. Which is why I took to stuff like this in the first place.

Technical note: I've made a big deal on this blog about my own vinyl rips being super-clean. But the collections I'm putting out this month don't sound so clean and often have very noticeable pops and ticks. They're not vinyl rips by me. They're collections put together by others. Sometimes the source 45s or LPs they used were scratchy. This isn't to knock the people who put them together. The technology to clean up records digitally (like ClickRepair and Audacity) wasn't around when the created these compilations. Still, if you've noticed a change in sound quality from what I usually present, this is the reason why.

Track list:
1. The Symbols - (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up
2. Hat & Tie - Finding It Rough
3. The Explosive - Cities Make The Country Colder
4. Chords Five - Some People
5. The Exception - Don't Torture Your Mind
6. Rhubarb Rhubarb - Moneylender
7. The Cape Kennedy Construction Company - Armageddon
8. Rhubarb Rhubarb - Rainmaker
9. The Symbols - Again
10. The Explosive - (Who Planted Thorns In) Miss Alice's Garden
11. Sheridan (aka Sheridan/Price) - Lightning Never Strikes
12. The Gass Company - Nightmare
13. The Cape Kennedy Construction Company - The First Step On The Moon
14. The She Trinity - Climb That Tree

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Various Artists - Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 3

The third and final Collecting Peppermint Clouds set takes us back to merry olde England. All of the artists here hail from the UK except three: John Woolley, who is from Belgium; Hayden Wood, who comes from New Zealand; and the Subterranean Monastery, who are from the U.S.A.

All told, this is another excellent collection. Being mostly British, it leans towards the melodic and wistful side (as a lot of British psychedelia did), but that's fine by me. I especially dig the laid-back shuffle of the Sleepy's "Is It Really The Same," which is also on the tenth volume of the Piccadilly Sunshine series. The Subterranean Monastary's "Realistic Patterns" also served as the title track to a compilation of "orchestrated psychedelia" that was put out a few years ago and, like Piccadilly Sunshine, is easily available.

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Track list:
1. Cat's Eyes - Where Is She Now    
2. John Woolley & Just Born - Look And You Will Find    
3. The Sleepy - Love's Immortal Fire    
4. Julian Kirsch - Clever Little Man    
5. Paul Jones - The Dog Presides    
6. The Sleepy - Is It Really The Same    
7. Cat's Eyes - The Wizard    
8. Lord Sutch - The Cheat    
9. Mike Batt - Suddenly    
10. Esprit De Corps - Do You Remember Me    
11. Hayden Wood - The House Beside The Mine    
12. The Act - Cobbled Streets    
13. The Subterranean Monastery - Realistic Patterns    
14. Kaplan - I Like

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Various Artists - Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 2

Psychedelia goes international! The second Collecting Peppermint Clouds set has sounds from Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, and even Lebanon. Almost all the songs are sung in English, with the exception of the song by Calcium, which is in French. Unlike the last one of these I posted, this set has readable liner notes that were scanned at the proper size. That sort of makes my work here pointless since you can read descriptions about all these groups inside.

There is one more in this series left. As I mentioned in my last post, there were only 500 of each of each volume pressed, so they're pretty hard to come by. All of this is part of my blogging project for November -- Psychedelic Collection Month -- in which I'm putting out all the rare psych collections I have.

Track list:
1. Frank Stein and the B.G. System - My Lady
2. Neptune's Empire - Wichita Falls
3. The Shakespeares - Burning My Fingers
4. The Klan - And I Love It So
5. The Cedars - Hide If You Want To Hide
6. George Cash - Nightingale
7. Berry Window and His Movements - I'll Wait For You
8. Amsterdam - Indian Pipe
9. The Motions - Green Chewing Gum Machine
10. Les Sauterelles - Montgolfier
11. Calcium - Elle Regarde Et Elle Rit
12. The Motions - Make It Illegal
13. The Tower - In Your Life
14. O.P.M.C. - The Head

Monday, November 7, 2016

Various Artists - Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 1

My month of psychedelic collections continues with a change of pace. Where the last set of compilations featured American acts, this three-part series mostly showcases European artists. My goal with this blog is to post only obscure/out-of-print music and Collecting Peppermint Clouds definitely fits the bill. The back covers say these were pressed in limited editions of 500 a piece, making them instant collectors' items when they came out in 1999.

That's the good news. The bad news is the liner notes that got passed down to me were scanned at so small a size that they're unreadable. If anyone out there has better copies, get in touch.

As for the music it's melodic and trippy, very much like you'd expect British or Brit-influenced psychedelia to be. But my favorite song here was actually done by Americans and is a product of an odd cultural exchange between the United States and France. The song in question is "My Year Is A Day" by the Beloved Ones. In 1968, this group took the song to #1 in France, where they were known as Les Irrésistibles.

But...they weren't a French group. They were Americans living and working abroad. Wonder what the circumstances behind that were? "Cherchez la femme," I'll bet! We had some French foreign exchange girls at college and they were both stylish but hella cool. Golden days, people. But, as always, I digress.

Back to the story: In the U.S., "My Year Is A Day" came out on Columbia Records and it's that mono Columbia 45 mix you hear here. The group's U.S. background is is also the reason the song is slugged as being from "California" in the MP3 tag since the band members and/or the label pressing hails from the Golden State. Somewhere in this story lies a really cool retro-styled movie that's waiting to get made -- a sort of "Some Like it Hot" or "Bosom Buddies," but with American guys pretending to be from France instead of making themselves out to be women. Or maybe that was the plot of an old "My Three Sons" episode I'm remembering.

Track list:
1. Fourmula - I Know Why    
2. Los Yorks - Mi Mente En Ti (When My Mind Is Not Alive)    
3. Philwit & Pegasus - Elephant Song    
4. The Twilights - Comin' On Down    
5. Lighthouse - Little Kind Words    
6. The Young Idea - Mr. Loving Luggage Man    
7. Whatt Four - Dandelion Wine    
8. Rotary Connection - Paper Castle    
9. Angel Pavement - Green Mello Hill    
10. Neil MacArthur - She's Not There    
11. The Beloved Ones (Les Irrésistibles) - My Year Is A Day    
12. The Vipers - Town Of Tuxley    
13. Angel Pavement - Baby You've Gotta Stay    
14. Living Daylights - I'm Real