Saturday, January 28, 2017

Badfinger - Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger (First Edition Bonus CD, 1997)

One of the best rock books you could ever hope to read in your life is Dan Matovina's "Without You: The Tragic Story Of Badfinger," first published in 1997, then revised in 2000. But unless its get reissued, you probably won't be reading it, because it's out of print, highly-prized, and now sells for anywhere from $150 to $700 online. That's not a typo; hardcover copies go for around $600 and there's a collector's copy selling for still more.

This post is my small way of trying to rectify that situation. Both editions of the book came with a bonus CD of otherwise unavailable music. This is the first. And while I couldn't obviously scan this massive book, I did include a scan of an article on Badfinger that Matovina co-wrote for Trouser Press magazine in its May, 1979 edition. That article set the tone for the book, which came out nearly twenty years later.

It also shows that Matovina was no Johnny-come-lately to Badfinger's story. By the time the book was published, he'd been at this a long time. And it shows. Which, I guess, is a big reason the book now sells for more than some computers go for these days.

The music here is made up of home demos, mostly by primary songwriter Pete Ham. What's really interesting are the two original songs that Ham and Tom Evans melded together to create the oft-covered standard "Without You." They can be found on tracks three and four. I also tacked on a bonus track, the ethereal holiday song "John Forgot To Sing," which was written by Pete Ham and features some fantastic harmonies between him and Evans.

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Track list:
1. Good Times Together
2. Uncle C
3. Without You (If It's Love)
4. Without You (I Can't Live)
5. Carry On Til Tomorrow
6. Just How Lucky We Are
7. Doesn't Really Matter
8. Ringside
9. Lost Inside Your Love
10. I Won't Forget You
11. John Forgot To Sing (Bonus Track)


  1. & what a nick drakey rise to [alas unprofitable to deceased Pete/Tom]
    fame on the strength of BABY BLUE
    as used in the last epi of BREAKING BAD TV SERIES
    --re that song didja know Gene Clark did a version?
    heard on his fanclub's multiCD comp.

  2. Absolutely amazing post. Thanks so much. Badfinger had a really sad story.

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  4. Can you re-post please,The link is down.Thanks