Monday, January 30, 2017

Badfinger - Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger (Second Edition Bonus CD, 2000)

Here's the bonus disc that came with the second edition of Dan Matovina's book "Without You: The Tragic Story Of Badfinger," first published in 1997, then revised in 2000. I posted the first edition's bonus disc a few days ago, which was filled with a little-known rarities by this excellent band. This one has even more.

One of the most interesting tracks is the demo versions of one of Tom Evans' best songs, "Blind Owl," a fiery rocker that (in my opinion) should have been given front-and-center treatment by this band on their fourth album. Speaking of demos, there are several by Pete Ham, including the first sketch of one of his final songs, the heartbreaking "Ringside."

Also included are several radio interviews and telephone conversations -- including one recorded a few months before Evans killed himself and (disturbingly) reveals his distress regarding the breakdown of his relationship with the band's guitarist Joey Molland. For details about what went down, you really have to read Matovina's book.

As with my previous Badfinger entry, liner notes are included so there's no need to repeat them here. But if you're a completist of this band, all of this makes for essential listening.

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Track list:
1. Man Without A Heart
2. Taxi
3. Take Good Care Of My Baby
4. She Came Out Of The Cold
5. Knocking Down Our Home
6. Clown Of The Party
7. Maybe Tomorrow (Radio One Session)
8. Midnight Sun (Jimmy Saville Speakeasy Show, Radio One)  
9. Take It All
10. Pete Ham Radio Interview (CHUM, Toronto)
11. Blind Owl
12. Pete Ham/Tom Evans Interview (March 29, 1974)
13. Pete Ham/Steve Craiter Phone Call (Oct. 27, 1974)
14. Hey, Mr. Manager (Apple Studios Mix)
15. Ringside (First Acoustic Guitar Demo)
16. I Believe In You (Dodgers Four-Track Demo)
17. Tom Evans/Steve Craiter Phone Call (May 1983)
18. Tom Evans/Steve Craiter Phone Call (Aug. 1983)
19. Over You


  1. Thanks a lot! Badfinger was in my opinion one of the bands that created power pop (another ones would Raspberries and of course The Knack) and deserves better. Maybe because of how their story ended, they became an obscure band and their music, except for a few songs, remains in the dark. They deserve better for sure.

  2. It's all been said about this tragic band but the music lives on still & is worth discovering. Thanks for this & the first disc.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks a lot for the CDs from the Without You book! I completely agree about "Blind Owl" and I especially love the Pete Ham interviews. Also love the bonus Apple CD from the box set - I've had most of the tracks for years, but those sound great!
    Thanks again and keep it up!!

  4. Are you alright? Long time no hear!

  5. yea, you really whet my desire for the Traffic comp you were putting together.

  6. The link for this states that the file is no longer on the server. Seems odd since this is the most recent post. Could you re-up this for those of us who just discovered your site?