Friday, January 6, 2017

Fun Fun - Have Fun! (1984)

Here's an '80s obscurity for you. Call it synthpop. Or electronic disco. Whatever you want to call it, this is the type of music that's full of those once-"futuristic" synthesizer sounds that now come off as innocently nostalgic.

Fun Fun was a female duo based in Italy that achieved minimal success in the U.S. and had some success with club records in Europe. How much success is hard to say, though. Because they used a very common word in their name twice, it's difficult to find info on them online. What mostly comes up is the Beach Boys songs "Fun Fun Fun." But I guess you can't blame a group for not choosing a Google-friendly name in 1984. Even "futuristic" synth acts couldn't see into the future.

Fun Fun's blend of uniformly-sung female vocals and dance rhythms is similar to what Bananarama was doing around this time, when they first hooked up with the Jolley & Swain production team. The difference is that there aren't any hooks here on the level of those in "Cruel Summer" or "Robert DeNiro's Waiting."

Still, a lot of the numbers are pretty good if you go for '80s dance music, especially the boppy opener, "Give Me Your Love." That, "Color My Love" and a remix of "Sing Another Song" were the singles pulled from this album. This group had a second album, Double Fun, that came out in 1987 that I've never even seen. This one at least got a brief CD release overseas and came out on the dance music label TSR Records in the states. Their second album can only be found on LP and came out on a tiny U.S. label called ZYX Records.

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Track list:
1. Give Me Your Love
2. Sing Another Song
3. Tell Me
4. Living in Japan
5. Color My Love
6. Give a Little Love Again
7. Happy Station (Scratch Version)



  2. Actually, ZYX Music is an established German label, active since 1971 and afaik to this day, specializing in disco, especially its Euro/Italo versions and hi-energy. I guess you mean its US subsidiary/affiliate/whatnot. As for Fun Fun, there's a quite elaborate entry for them in Wikipedia, and Happy Station (which was their first single) was a huge hit around Europe at the time -- so hude it even got across the Iron Curtain (I rememeber it played at the school disco). BTW not a bad track, sorta proto-techno, especially the 12" mix.

  3. I've got the German 12" coloured vinyl of Give Me Your Love and Tell Me. It's on the Teldec label. I sort of like it.