Sunday, July 9, 2017

Various Artists - Colour Me Pop, Vol. 2

The second installment of the Colour Me Pop series pretty much picks up where the first one left off. There's lots of upbeat late '60s pop tinged with psychedelic overtones.

If you're familiar with the Piccadilly Sunshine collections, the general sound here will be familiar, as will some of the artists. Some of them are familiar from work they did in other areas. Most notable are two future members of 10cc, who are represented by the cuts by the Mindbenders (written by Eric Stewart) and Graham Gouldman.

"Birthday" by the Bunch was also done by Peter and the Wolves. "One Minute Woman" was originally a BeeGees tune. The Manfred Mann tune about "Machines" has some of the most annoying sound effects ever to make it to disc.

There are also some truly great hidden treasures, like the Young Ideas' wistful "Room With A View," the Elastic Band's elegiac "Think Of You Baby," and Steve and Stevie's melancholy "Merry-Go-Round." The "Steve" in that duo is Steve Kipner, who would go on to compose hits for Olivia Newton-John, Christina Aguilera and many others.

But almost all the songs here are good if not great, especially the final stretch of this collection, starting from about song #19. This is the main reason I never forgot about the Colour Me Pop series. When you can't forget the songs, you don't forget the collections. For background, see my post about the first volume.

This is also the only volume of the series that came with full-size cover art, so it also has that to recommend it. It contains a back cover with song titles. Readers with eagle eyes might notice some of those titles differ slightly from the ones in the MP3 files and tags. That's because I looked 'em all up and corrected the ones that were inaccurate.

Doing this led me to an odd situation when I was researching the songs on the third and final volume of this series, which I'll be posting in a few days. Vol. 3 now contains a mystery I haven't been able to solve. So put on your thinking caps, because I'm going to call on readers to help solve it very soon.

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Track list:
1. The Mirror - Gingerbread Man
2. Jigsaw - Lollipop and Goody Man
3. The Mindbenders - The Man Who Loved Trees
4. Double Feature - Just Another Lonely Night
5. Jackie Lomax - One Minute Woman
6. Sounds Around - Red White and You
7. The Gods - Baby's Rich
8. John Bromley - Melody Fayre
9. The Twilights - What's Wrong With the Way I Live
10. Circus - Sink Or Swim
11. Simon Dupree and the Big Sound - Day Time, Night Time
12. The Herd - I Can Fly
13. Graham Gouldman - Upstairs, Downstairs
14. Katch 22- While We're Still Friends
15. The Bunch - Birthday
16. Happy Magazine - Who Belongs To You (Ooby Dooby Doo)
17. The Young Idea - Room With a View
18. Manfred Mann - Machines
19. The Snappers - Upside Down, Inside Out
20. Kippington Lodge - Tomorrow Today
21. Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Maxine's Parlor
22. Grapefruit - Round Going Round
23. The Elastic Band - Think Of You Baby
24. The Nite People - Weird & Funny
25. Onyx - Time Off
26. Steve and Stevie - Merry-Go-Round



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