Thursday, July 13, 2017

Various Artists - Colour Me Pop, Vol. 3

With the third and final installment of the Colour Me Pop series, we have on our hands a full-blown mystery, folks. So I'm calling on the readers to help solve it -- because I sure couldn't get to the bottom of it.

In preparing these collection for this blog, I researched all the records featured on them so I could double-check the song titles and band names. Plus, I wanted to collect info about release dates and songwriters for the MP3 tags. But one song on this volume didn't check out, and no matter how many ways I look it up, I can't get any information on it.

The song in question is Track #7, which is supposedly the group Sight and Sound doing a song called "Gotta Get Out Of My Mind." I say "supposedly," because nowhere online is there any record of Sight and Sound doing a song by this title. Move bassist Rick Price was in this band and being a lifelong fan of the Move, I know a bit about them, and even I can't figure this out.

On top of that, "Gotta Get Out Of My Mind" isn't even the proper title of this song. It was originally titled "Step Out Of Your Mind," when the American Breed released it in 1967. It was their first Top 40 hit in the U.S., hitting #24 on the Hot 100. It was then cut by a British group called The Kool (who had a track featured on the first Colour Me Pop set). Their version can be heard on the second Piccadilly Sunshine collection. This ain't it.

So, did Sight and Sound ever cut this song under the wrong title? Did the record drop into such obscurity that it's not referenced anywhere -- from 45Cat to Discogs to MusicStack? Does anyone know? Rick Price, are you out there somewhere?

If any reader can figure this out, I'll add your comment at the end of this blog post and give you a shout-out.

Other than that, this volume presents more of what the first two offered: Obscure late '60s British pop that's big on whimsy and attitude. I especially like The Roll Movement's "I'm Out On My Own" and The Shame's "Dreams Don't Bother Me." All of the songs here were released on 45s except the Easybeats number "What In The World," which was a track from their second and final British LP, Vigil.

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Track list:
1. Herman's Hermits - Museum
2. Jo Jo Gunn - Every Story Has An End
3. The Roll Movement - I'm Out On My Own
4. Roger Earl Okin - I Can't Face The Animals
5. Sight and Sound - Gotta Get Out Of My Mind
6. The New Inspiration - Thinking About The Good Times
7. The Bats - You Look Good Together
8. Normie Rowe - Mary, Mary
9. Peppermint Circus - Keeping My Head Above Water
10. Blond - I Wake Up And Call
11. Manfred Mann - She Needs Company
12. Unit 4 Plus 2 - Booby Trap
13. The Scaffold - Charity Bubbles
14. The Downliners Sect - The Cost Of Living
15. The Easybeats - What In The World
16. John Bromley - Wonderland Avenue, U.S.A.
17. Gary Hamilton - Let The Music Play
18. Peter and Gordon - I Feel Like Going Out
19 Procession - One Day In Every Week
20. Ginger Ale - In The Sand
21. Jet Harris - You Only Live Twice
22. Windmill - I Can Fly
23. The Shame - Dreams Don't Bother Me
24. Mike Proctor - Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
25. The Rebel Rousers - Should I
26. Dave Barry - Forever



  2. Thanks for these color me pop collections....some really obscure me anyways....much obliged...cheers.

  3. Thank you so much for the Colour Me Pop series; I've been searching for them for ages!

  4. thank you so much for this serie, I share it with my friends if you don't mind...

  5. RE: Gotta Get Out Of My Mind...In 1966 Step Out of Your Mind was the title of a never released rock exploitation film which involved, among others, Al Gorgoni who wrote the song, Ron Dante and Danny Kortchmar. Maybe the song comes from that source? Just speculating.

    1. Maybe. I'll look into it. Thanks for the info.

  6. Great, and instructive, series - thanks so much! The Chairman