Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Grateful Dead FAQ: Chapter 9 - Five Reasons People Hate The Dead (2013)

It's Aug. 1, Jerry Garcia's birthday. Had he not died back on Aug. 9, 1995, he'd have turned 75 today.

To mark the occasion, I'm posting a chapter from the book "Grateful Dead FAQ," which came out a few years ago. The chapter I'm putting out is somewhat irreverent, as it's titled "Five Reasons People Hate the Dead." I'm purposely posting this instead of the kind of stuffy historical "tributes" that Rolling Stone publishes. This is rock music, not church. When people genuflect before the musicians, it ruins the whole thing. I think the humor and attitude of this chapter captures the spirit of what Garcia was all about more than anything you're likely to read in the mainstream press.

Another reason for posting this chapter is that it will hopefully appeal to both Deadheads and non-believers, since it straddles both worlds, thematically speaking. The topic of why some people don't like the Dead is actually pretty funny, even if you love this band. Hell, especially if you love this band. In fact, I'd even say part of their appeal was that only some people "got" them -- much like Beefheart, Zappa, various jazz musicians, etc.

My feeling is that you have to have a sense of humor about this stuff. Every artist has his or her haters. If you've got any sense of objectivity, you should be able to see why, even if you think your favorite artists is the proverbial cat's pajamas. I've mentioned in my Debbie Gibson posts that I can fully understand why people run screaming from her music, even though she appeals to me. So the same goes here. It takes all kinds, and that goes for both Deadheads and Debheads (yes, there is such a thing).

For those who'd like something to listen to while they read, below I've compiled a list of links to rare Grateful Dead music, all of which I've posted on this blog over the years. There may also be a surprise in store for those who read the chapter. Finally, if that chapter whets your appetite for more, you can also buy "Grateful Dead FAQ" by clicking on the link. Since the author was kind enough to bless us with all this out-of-print or hard to find Dead stuff (with more to come soon), I'm giving him props in return.

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