Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nina Schultz - Nina Schultz (1982 EP)

This is more or less a quick stopgap post for before I start posting holiday stuff. This eleven-minute EP was never exactly popular, but it's become even more of an obscurity in the past half decade. It's still never been reissued on CD and the old links to it have long since disappeared. So here it is again.

Nina Schultz was a singer from Berlin, German singer who seems to have only ever released one record, which is this one. It's a new wave effort and it's commonly referred to as the "Ice Cold Eyes EP" after its most popular song. But it's actually a self-titled effort.

The record labels credit one G. Meijer as having penned all the songs. I quick look through reveals him to be Gerrit Meijer, who was the guitarist in Schulz's band and then went onto play with the German punk band PVC.

I like this stuff, even if I can't find any information on it. It reminds me a bit of some of the no wave music that came out of New York around the same time period. I'm also partial to women who sing with foreign accents, which probably came out of my growing up hearing a lot of Astrud Gilberto -- an artist I still listen to today.

Track list:
1. Ice Cold Eyes
2. That's Alright By Me
3. Russian Roulette
4. How Do You

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